Interior Design Platform Innovation

The intent of the project was to evaluate Gensler's current material management platform, Designer Pages, and help client picture the next generation platform. We worked with a Gensler design principal, several junior designers, librarian and material sourcing supplier to identify orthodoxies and trends in interior design industry. We noticed that designers manage their projects by using a variety of tools which have no connection to each other and have drawn redundant communication in all levels. The result of the project is a succinct platform that 1. manages compliance, 2. identifies critical themes, 3. connects with end users. 


Team: Julia Shao, Aiko Ito, Juan Alfonso de la Rosa, Arnaud Dierickx, Tirdad Kiamanesh, Sara Tashakorinia. Working under the guidance of Doblin's co-founder, Larry Keeley.



Our Approach

Designer Pages is a library of products and materials for designers and a way to organize the possible products inside a current project. For Designer Pages to achieve success we believe that they need to acknowledge all their different stakeholders and their values and ensure the quality of their information.

Our solution 


Design Process